7 Benefits of Using Email AutoResponder in your IM

Sending and receiving emails has been the fundamentals of internet communication right from the very first time electronic communication started. Emails are Electronic mails—simple! Right now we are in the midst of an internet business boom with billions of emails sending and received daily. The Majority of us have given out our emails in exchange of one free ebook, audio, or video training. These companies,  in return kept sending a series of mails to us in a schedule period of time.  These schedule mails are sent by Email AutoResponder.

What is an AutoResponder?

An AutoResponder is a computer program that acts like your answering machine for email messages from your friends. Is your online secretary. Once you’ve turned your AutoResponder on at your e-mail address, anyone sending email to your e-mail address will automatically receive your message – without any need for you to send it manually!

A Sequential AutoResponder is a computer program that will AUTOMATICALLY send out MORE THAN ONE pre-written e-mail address that has been set to follow-up with different messages in sequence. You can specify the interval between each pre-written message and as many e-mail messages as you wish.

Here has List of top 7 most popular AutoResponder companies you can look into are: Aweber, Mailchip, iContact, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart.

7 Benefits of using AutoResponder are: 

  1. Autopilot Business

With AutoResponder the response to your  business subscribers is automatic. The machine has been set to deliver all the pre-written massages at a schedule time. Your subscribers must have opted for a course or newsletter, yours is to program their courses or newsletters to deliver at the stipulated time. This has reduced the running costs of your business….Save youself time and energy…no staff and manual input.

  1. Build Concrete Business Relationships

Without solid relationship in today’s social media control era where Facebook, twitter, Google+, instagram,  Pinterest has taken control of how people intimate online, your email followup is the easiest way to keep warm relationship. Once your email can solve the information problem your subscribers are looking for, your email will aways be welcome. Your regular emails will get your prospective know you better, like you, and trust you. Once the trust is established, they can buy anything from you.

  1. It gives your subscribers option

With various AutoResponder forms or banners on your website or blog, they have a choice of the kind of information they want to receive. They also have the option of opting out of your list if they wish not to get more emails from you. Most AutoResponder gives you an option to unsubscribe if you wish not to get more mails again.

  1. It never Sleep

AutoResponder is 247! Human will surely have time for sleep, but your AutoResponder is active 247 year in year out. Once your Responder is set up, it kept responding as long as your subscription is on. You have your business working while you sleep, go to beach, or in a party enjoying yourself. Even when you are on vacation 24hours of a day, 7days of a week, and 365days of the year, your business is on running without your presence.

  1. Become a thought of

Always on my mind. Mind your business. You always remind me. These are what AutoResponder will help you achieve in the mind of your subscribers. Thinking about your next email or newsletter. You and your website can be totally forgotten without an Email AutoResponder. I do refer to my AutoResponder as AutoReminder. Stay on top of their minds.

  1. Become a Brand

A Picture speaks a thousand times than words. Your logo or tagline will form image in the mind of your subscribers that will keep them mindful of you. Also add your logo on some special emails to keep your brand afresh.

  1. Make Much Money

Money in the list! Yeah, plenty Money is in the list. Any sincere internet marketer will tell you this from the beginning that money is the number of active subscribers you have in your email list. Once you have observed #1 to #6 of the above listed benefits, then you have no option but to make plenty money. You have thousands of contacts that know you, like you, and trust you? Just recommend a product that has benefitted and can be of help to them and see how many will pull out their credit card.

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