Top 20 Earning Blogs and Bloggers of Our time

Blogging has gone beyond a passion, it has become a career and a full time job to many people online. People are making serious money out of their blogs from sitting in their homes posting valueable information on their blogs.  It is obviously a cool thing to earn a few thousand dollars a month by…

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Blogging for Money

Why You Should Start Blogging Now

Blogging is an interactive act of updating contents on the web. These contents can be in the form of articles, images, audios, videos, and software. The word “blogging” is present continuous tense of “blog”. And the word blog was derived from two combined words web and log (Weblog). Back in the 90s, blog was a…

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Blogging For Money

[metaslider id=193] Blogging is the act of updating and contributing fresh contents to a web log known as (blog) that is usually published online and made accessible to millions of internet surfers surfing the internet worldwide. The gospel truth about the internet is that content is king while traffic is money but the secret of…

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